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The Last Train is an Alternate History Survival Strategy Game, set in North America post the Atomic Bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

You do not play as an elite soldier in The Last Train but as a simple train pilot with normal human survival skills. You need to make the most of the skills at your disposal make very important moral choices and help others survive along with you. Scavenge cities for food, fuel to keep progressing further in your journey.

As one of the last few survivors of World War II America, help the remaining survivors using your train piloting skills. On your way through the country, you will come across a wide range of interesting characters and will be rewarded generously by the rich and get the moral satisfaction of helping the poor. Who will you choose??

The game will feature a deep, engaging crafting and scavenging systems along with a compelling storyline which will change based on the choices you make and who you save.​ The art style we've chosen will engross the players


Meet some of the main characters of the game. Click Here.

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