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Night Racer 2020 Is finally out on iOS and Android

Our team is very excited to announce our brand new game called Night Racer.

Get ready to experience racing like never before, right from the comfort of your iOS Device. Compete in 3 different game modes, championship mode, Arcade Mode and Time Trial. The game features over 8 different cars to choose from. Ranging from sports cars all the way buses. A unique Futuristic Artstyle has been created to immerse you into the game world.

The opponent AI in the game is a marquee feature as well. It learns the way you drive and keeps getting better, making the game challenging as you keep playing. Right now the game features 5 unique tracks, each have their own sets of obstacles and challenges for you to overcome. While you're racing watch out for the opponents who like to go rogue and push you off the edges of the track.

Game Features:

- The game features very simple controls for acceleration and brake.

- The game features 3 game modes – Championship, Arcade and Time Trial Modes

- Features 5 different tracks

- Over 8 cars to choose from

- Stunning 3D Futuristic Art Style

- Compete against others on the Leaderboards

- Download now for FREE


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