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Massive The Last Train 2.0 Update Out Now!

We have been working on a huge (huge) update to The Last Train. This difficult time has given us an opportunity to look back at one of the most important games from our studio "The Last Train". Over the last few months we decided it would be a great time to revisit the game and try to improve many different aspects of the gameplay and the story. When we released the game back in October 2018 we had to make some compromises to meet the release deadline.

Revisiting the game again gave us the opportunity to change a few things we wanted to do during development, make tonnes of new quality of life improvements and most importantly listen to the community feedback and implement it.

Some of the major changes includes is the

  • Added random encounters in stations, people might try to rob you, help you or request some help from you

  • Added a female voice over if you choose to play as a female character

  • Every time you choose to drop a passenger halfway through the journey, you will have to be prepared to deal with the consequences

  • Balancing fixes to the food, crafting, fuel, trains, etc

  • Added over 99 cooking recipes for a wide variety of dishes to cook

  • Removed the lockpick mini game

  • Open all the trash cans with no tools

  • Improved the quality of the art assets

  • Added 64 bit support for Mac users

  • All the trains are now only cosmetically different, so doesn't give the players unfair gameplay advantages

  • Made it easier to pick passengers from the station

  • Re-balanced the coal rewards from passenger and scavenging

  • Added more depth to the story, now it takes into account the passengers you pick up and drop successfully

  • Improved the pacing of the game

  • The upgrade system has been improved drastically

  • Added a few tutorial prompts to introduce you to the radiation zone

  • Streamlined the leaderboard options in the Sandbox mode

  • See your previous best score and your current score in Sandbox mode

  • Added a new achievements to the game

  • And much more...


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