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Check out the Demo of our Game Puzzle Dazzle 3D

Our team at Smash Game Studios is very excited to bring you our brand new game Puzzle Dazzle 3D on Steam. The game is scheduled to release in Fall 2021.

Puzzle Dazzle is a unique, addictive and breathtaking take on the classic block puzzle game formula. The player will be taken on a journey across the universe to witness some truly incredible visuals that will blow their minds.

The demo for the game is out now. Experience all 3 levels, gameplay loop, the unique art style and the music.

The Final game will feature

- 20+ Handcrafted levels which will react to the way you play

- 3 Game Modes - Arcade, Survival and Zen Mode

- Each level will feature 3 difficulty levels which will cater to everyones needs

- Multiple PowerUps and obstacles to challenge you throughout the playthrough

- Steam Leaderboards and Achievements

- Steam Cloud.

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback for the demo. If you enjoy demo feel free to wishlist the game on Steam.



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